Update 6/11

We apologize for the FaucetBox API being on pause! Over the last few days, we have been working on including safety parameters to attempt to stop proxy and bot users, which has been a major problem so far. Unfortunately, it appears that combating these types of users is very tough so we needed to lower the payout in addition to the increased type between payouts. However, we increased the referral commission from 10% to 15%. Thanks again for your support!

Update 6/4

Hi again folks, as mentioned in our last post, we've been discussing change to the faucet's parameters due to the increase in BTC's spot price. In lieu of decreasing payout amounts, we decided to change the timer from 20 minutes to 30 minutes. We will continue to keep a close eye on the faucet's statistics and discuss changes as necessary. Thank you for your understanding an continued support of LeagueBTC!

Real Quick 5/30

Hi folks, like was said in the last post, Happy Memorial Day and again a big thank you to our military members who gave their lives in order to protect our way of life and to help allies in need across the globe.

With the 20%+ rise in the price of bitcoin the last few days, we may need to re-visit the possibility of changing some of the faucet parameters, as was mentioned a few posts ago. As with any enterprise, it is important to balance the cash flow so it may be deemed necessary to lower the expenses to a level where being net neutral or slightly positive is possible. However, if we do go through with lowering the payout, we will make sure to make it up to you, our visitors, in other ways so please stay tuned! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming!

Ahash.io 5/28

Hi everyone, Mike here and I hope everyone is having a great weekend! It is Memorial Day weekend here in the United States so in the unlikely event that we don't get online this Monday, Memorial Day, on behalf of LeagueBTC, I would like to thank all of our fallen service members for their ultimate sacrifice to defend the security and freedom that all Americans and global allies enjoy today. You are not forgotten.

Earlier today, I came across a new mining pool called AHash.io. They allow users to deposit bitcoin in exchange for active shares of their mining pool, which accrue hourly interest for each active share. The amount of hourly interest receives depends on which tier a user invests in: the Starter (0.001BTC - 2.5BTC @ 0.15% hourly, 3.60% daily), the Premium (2.50000001 - 5.0BTC @ 0.17% hourly, 4.08% daily), or the Supreme (5.00000001BTC and up @ 0.20% hourly, 4.80% daily). The interest is accrued in your account balance, which is held separately from the investment. As the interest grows, they give the ability to invest the interest into additional active shares. On their website, they will pay back your principle anytime less a 5% fee and boast instant payouts.
I invested 0.01BTC earlier today to test the waters and I will report back when I withdraw to ensure they are solvent. Stay tuned!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Update 5/26

Hi folks!
Like I said in the last update, we decided to give CoinURL a try and included one of their ad units on the site. CoinURL is a bit different because they give a share of their revenue based on the number of clicks on their ads, unlike Adbit.co, Coinads, etc. who pay out for impressions and ads from unique visitors. Furthermore, they offer a service where a publisher gets paid to shorten a URL that subsequently gets clicked by a visitor. Clicks on a CoinURL site goes through a verification step, which is done every ~24 hours. This verification checks that the clicks are either from unique visitors or are from repeat visitors that are at least 24 hours apart from each other. After watching it a few days, I am not yet impressed with the revenue, which has been exactly naught, while I've been receiving satoshis from Adbit.co. For this reason, I decided to take CoinURL off LeagueBTC until I see my account compensated for the accumulated clicks, if that happens.

Speaking of which...
In the place of the CoinURL slot, we put in a couple slots for Anonymous Ads! We decided to test this one because, like Adbit.co, they give a percentage of revenue for impressions and unique clicks. A-Ads has an interesting approach to setting up a publisher's ad space because they give the option to either create a profile under which a publisher would create and track all ad spaces or a publisher can essentially create an account for each ad space so it's probably wise to note the URL and bitcoin address for each ad space creation to ensure that the ads are going to the same website and proper bitcoin address for payments. They also appear to give publishers a say in which advertising campaigns are to be shown in their ad space, which we really like. On A-Ads site, they have a list of all advertising campaigns that are using their service and a publisher has the option to block individual campaigns. We've even received our first payment from A-Ads, so it's good to know that they are paying! After the experience with CoinURL, this is the best type of revenue stream for our site.

Adding security
Since we are still having trouble with SolveMedia's CAPTCHA, and our support ticket still has yet to be resolved (3 days and counting..), we changed the CAPTCHA from revenue to security to try to further help fend off bots until this is all just a bad memory. Since the support ticket isn't being responded to, I gave them a call today and there was no answer during their business hours. Fingers still crossed!

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